• Indian Creek Parking


    My name is Joel Ives, and I am the School Resource Deputy for the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office and the Hood River County School District, and I would like to welcome you back to another school year at HRVHS!

    I wanted to take a minute to talk about a change that some of you may have noticed in regards to parking on Indian Creek Road in front of HRVHS. The previous signs prohibiting parking on Indian Creek were poorly worded and poorly placed. Because of this the prohibition against parking was rarely enforced. New signs have been installed that clearly show the area in which parking and stopping are prohibited. This will be enforced effective immediately.

    Illegal Stopping, Standing or Parking is a Class D violation carrying a presumptive fine of $125.

    The citation is written to the registered owner if the driver is not present.


    Indian Creek Parking.jpg                              Indian Creek Parking Map.JPG


    From the time I first began at HRVHS as the School Resource Deputy I was concerned about the traffic situation in front of the school. With three exits in close proximity, buses and students leaving simultaneously, and students darting across the street to meet parents parked along Indian Creek, the situation has been a tragic accident waiting to happen. Enforcing the parking restriction is the easiest way to make the situation safer because it allows us to remove pedestrians from the mix while also freeing up sight lines for drivers leaving the parking lot.

    I began talking with Hood River County Public Works and we were able to develop a plan to change the signage along Indian Creek to make it more obvious. The change was approved and the new signs were installed over the last week.

    We need your help to make this switch successful. This restriction will affect parents and students alike. Please talk to your students who drive about utilizing the Golden Eagle Park for parking when necessary. We understand that with the construction occurring on the south side of the school, parking is limited on campus. We would encourage students to carpool whenever possible. For parents, we ask that you please enter the parking lot to pick up and drop off your students. Waiting an extra 10 minutes after the bell rings to allow the buses to leave will help the traffic in the lot tremendously.

    The safety of HRVHS students is important to us all. We would definitely prefer to have voluntary compliance on this, but citations will be issued to those who violate the restrictions.

    Deputy Ives