Boundary Review Process

  • ---UPDATE: On May 22, the Hood River County School Board adopted revisions to school attendance areas. View the attendance areas for the 2019-20 school year.---

    A number of our schools are at or over capacity while others are under-enrolled, forcing us to look at attendance areas in what is called a “school boundary review process.” 

    A school boundary review process is a conversation that considers community values and data (e.g. student population projections) to balance enrollment at our schools. This three-month long process involves extensive public engagement and will result in a revision to school attendance areas. Fortunately, recent construction has expanded capacity at multiple Hood River County schools, enabling us to ease overcrowding at others.

    If they remain, our current attendance boundaries would lead to increasingly uneven curricular and extracurricular opportunities, highly variable class sizes, and costly operational challenges in transportation, food service, and custodial/maintenance services. Our school district’s mission “Excellence. Every student. Every day,” will guide this process, and ultimately our decisions will prioritize the growth and success of each and every child we serve. Every child in our district, regardless of the area of the county he or she lives in, has the right to a robust and meaningful curriculum.

    Continue to visit this page for information and updates throughout the process.

    Project Overview

    You can view a full scope of work for this project, but here are the highlights:

      • Late Fall/Early Winter 2018 - Telephone surveys of HRCSD families are conducted to assess community values
      • Late Winter 2019 - Researchers compile data critical to the public process (e.g. projections for student Enrollment by school)
      • March 2019 - A committee comprised of parents and school principals begins meeting to review proposals
      • *April 2, 6 to 8 pm - Community open house hosted at Wy’east Middle School collects further input on the proposals
      • *April 23, 6 to 8 pm - Community open house hosted at Hood River Middle School collects further input on the proposals
      • May 8 - Committee presents change recommendations to the school board
      • May 22 - Administration presents change recommendations to the school board
      • May and June 2019 - School board deliberates and decides on attendance area changes
      • September 2019 - New attendance areas go into effect

    *If you cannot attend a community open house to provide feedback on the proposed plans, you will have the opportunity to submit comments online.

  • 2019-2020 Attendance Areas Map - Adopted 5-22-2019

    View map.

Final Committee Recommendation & Supporting Material: