Attendance Matters!

  • #EveryDayAllDay

    If your child misses one day per month, they will have lost more than half a year of instruction by the time they enter high school. 

    Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school and raises self-esteem. Start building habits early so your child learns that going to school on time, every day, is important. 

    Not only will your child’s good attendance set them up for success in high school, college, and at work, but it’s good for the entire class! When your child misses a lot of school, it affects the entire classroom and makes it harder to teach.

    This page contains helpful facts and resources for establishing good attendance habits.

    When is your child too sick for school?

    Send me to school if... 

    • I have a runny nose or just a little cough, but no other symptoms. 
    • I haven’t taken any fever reducing medicine for 24 hours, and I haven’t had a fever during that time. 
    • I haven’t thrown up or had any diarrhea for 24 hours.

    Keep me at home if... 

    • I have a temperature higher than 100 degrees even after taking medicine. 
    • I’m throwing up or have diarrhea. 
    • My eyes are pink and crusty.

    Call the doctor if... 

    • I have a temperature higher than 100 degrees for more than two days. 
    • I’ve been throwing up or have diarrhea for more than two days. 
    • I’ve had the sniffles for more than a week, and they aren’t getting better. 
    • I still have asthma symptoms after using my asthma medicine (and call 911 if I’m having trouble breathing after using an inhaler).

    The language above is used with permission from Attendance Works.

Attendance Calculator

Attendance Tracker

  • Print this tool and keep it somewhere prominent to monitor absences and prevent them from adding up.

    Screenshot of Attendance Tracker