District Budget

 2017-18 Budget Message

Official Budget Documents 

Proposed Budget 2017-18 (PDF file 2.3MB)
Adopted Budget 2016-2017 (PDF file 4.1MB)
Approved Budget 2016-2017 (PDF file 4.5MB)
Proposed Budget 2016-17 (PDF file 4.5MB)
Adopted Budget 2015-16 (PDF file 8MB)
Adopted Budget 2014-15 (PDF file 4MB)
Adopted Budget 2013-14 (PDF file 9MB)


A map of the District zone boundaries is available online at https://www.hoodriver.k12.or.us/Page/245 The budget committee, made up of seven citizens and seven school board directors, meets in May to review the proposed budget, take public comment and approve a budget to be reviewed by the school board. Once approved, it's set for final adoption by the school board.