• Technology Expectations for Elementary Students

    This information is regarding expectations for iPad use for the 2021-22 school year. Our elementary school staff will engage families to develop plans for appropriate technology use at home. Please review the expectations below and let your school principal and/or teacher know if you have any questions. 

    What is the purpose of students using the iPads?

    • Students use several applications (apps) on their iPads for the following purposes:
      • iReady (math)
      • Imagine Learning (language development)
      • Preteaching (in conjunction with what students are learning in class)
      • Seesaw (digital portfolio for classrooms)
      • SORA (reading)
      • RAZ Kids (reading development)
      • Wonders (reading and writing)
      • Epic (reading)
      • Google Classroom (digitally organized classroom materials, presentations, and assignments)
      • Google Meets (quarantined students; parent/guardian meetings) 
    • HRCSD uses content filtering technology to help prevent access to explicit content. Google SafeSearch is activated for student devices to help filter out explicit content in all Google Search results. All websites are blocked unless they are part of school district curriculum and/or requested by a school principal and teacher for instructional purposes. 
    • Parents/guardians will be responsible for supervising students using their iPads at home. 

    Where will students use their iPads?

    • Each grade level will determine if students will bring iPads home. 
    • If your family has no internet access, please contact the HRCSD technology office at 541-387-5724 or email hrcsd.helpdesk@hoodriver.k12.or.us
    • Students whose families opt out of bringing iPads home daily may need to bring school-issued iPads home occasionally to complete assignments. 

    How much time will students spend on their iPads?

    • Teachers will help determine how much time students spend on their iPads at home. The daily amount of time will not exceed 45 minutes. 
    • Students will typically spend less than an hour per day on their iPads at school.

    Thank you for reviewing these expectations. HRCSD recognizes the importance of providing this tool for all elementary students to assist in their learning; however, HRCSD encourages parents to set boundaries with their students' use of technology such as screen-free times and zones. If parents wish to have additional screen time restrictions placed on their student’s device when at home, please contact the HRCSD technology office at 541-387-5724 or hrcsd.helpdesk@hoodriver.k12.or.us to obtain instructions and support.