• Community Education

    Hood River County School District (HRCSD) entered into an agreement with Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation (HRVPR) to move the Community Education program from HRCSD to HRVPR.

    HRVPR hired a program director and office manager to facilitate the program. The new Community Education and Recreation program is up and running!

    Youth recreation programs continue to be organized and made available for the community's youth by committed individuals. This information aims to help youth recreation programs know how to organize their programs and request use of the HRCSD facilities.

    With an active Community Education program, a youth recreation program would typically pay a percentage of its registration to the Community Education program to help cover the overhead of the program. This payment would cover registration, insurance, facilities use fees, and any custodial services that the activity might require. 

    As management of the Community Education program moves from HRCSD to HRVPR, HRCSD requests that all youth recreation programs follow these steps:

    • Provide its own form of registration and fee collection until the new Community Education and Recreation Program is organized through HRVPR;
    • Obtain insurance from the national sports program with which it is affiliated;
    • Schedule use of HRCSD facilities with the Facilities Use Coordinator, Cindy Williams, and accept the permit responsibilities and pay for the use of the facilities. As nonprofit organizations, all youth recreation programs will be charged at the HRCSD Category B rate to help cover use of facilities overhead. (Community Use of District Facilities policy
    • Facilities use prioritization will be given to school use followed by community use of the sport that is in season based on the Hood River Valley High School sports program calendar. (HRVHS Team Directory)

    Until further notification, indoor facilities use beyond school use will only be permitted for youth recreation programs. All outdoor facilities are available for youth recreation, school aged clubs, and adult programs outside of school hours.

    Before a program makes a request, it is suggested to check the availability of the location the program is interested in. Checking availability can be done through the following steps:

    • Go to district website
    • Scroll down to ‘Parent Shortcuts’ and select Facility Use
    • Start by checking availability of location by looking at the Facilities Use Calendar for a specific location; select the school, location, and month to check availability
    • After confirming a location is available
      • Complete the Facility Use Request Form; when complete, click DONE. At that time, the request will be sent to the Facilities Use Coordinator to process.
      • When it has been scheduled, the program will receive a permit (rental agreement) that it needs to confirm that all information is correct and that it accepts the terms of the contract; Finally, the program will receive a PIN number to use to electronically sign

    Please direct any questions to Cindy Williams, Facilities Use Coordinator, 541-387-5036, cindy.williams@hoodriver.k12.or.us.

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    Driver's Education

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