Jacob Kellert

    Math, Algebra 1 & 2

    Please email me with any questions or concerns.  I appreciate communicating with students and families. 


    *Algebra 1 Update (11/1/2021)

    We are currently working on Chapter 4 where we are writing equations of lines. Previous units covered solving equations and inequalities as well as graphing lines. 

    We will finish this term with Chapter 5, solving systems of linear equations. 


    *Algebra 2 Update (11/1/2021)

    We are currently wrapping up Chapter 3 where we solved quadratic equations using mulitple methods and learned about imaginary numbers. Previous units covered solving linear equations as well as graphing linear and quadratic functions.  

    We will finish this term with Chapter 4, where we will graph polynomial functions and solve more equations. 




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    School Phone: (541) 386-4500 Ext. 4648

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    Trimester 1 Classes:

     Algebra 1 (period 3) - syllabus

     Algebra 2 (periods 1, 4, & 5) - syllabus



    That toddler is an 8th grader now and the baby is in 5th!!

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