• Name: Brent Emmons
    Subject: Principal's Page                                                                                        
    Phone: (541) 386-2114
     A family picture from my first      A family picture from Spring of 2018
    year as HRMS Principal (2007)
    Dear Hood River Middle Families,
    I am very proud of our school.  Hood River Middle School is a good place for kids to learn, grow, and discover the many opportunities that await them in this world.  HRMS is filled with creative, dynamic, and caring educators.  Our mission is to inspire kids about what is possible in this world and to teach them the skills necessary to achieve their dreams.
    The middle years are difficult for many kids.  This is a time when kids are discovering their own interests, increasing independence, and pushing boundaries.  Communication with your child, teachers, and other parents is critically important to kids academic and social success.
    I hope that you bookmark our website and visit us frequently.  Please contact me if have any questions, concerns, or words of praise for the teachers or programs at Hood River Middle School.  We can be reached by email, phone (386-2114), or by a personal visit to the front office.  Thank you.
    Brent Emmons
    Hood River Middle School