Transportation Supervisor: Don Benefield
Phone: 541-354-5113, ext 4490

Transportation Office Manager: Cindy Beth
Phone: 541-354-1388

Student transportation to and from school is a privilege provided by the school district to students living within the district boundaries. Students on inter-district transfers are not eligible for district provided bus transportation. Students at bus stops are subject to the same rules as when riding the bus. Students who are exhibiting disruptive behavior may lose their riding privilege.

Updated (3-1-17) - School Bus Routes for 2016-2017

The following is a list of Routes and Buses. Click on the links to find the more detailed routes for each school.

Cascade Locks School

May Street Elementary

Mid Valley Elementary

Parkdale Elementary

Westside Elementary

Hood River Middle School

Wy'east Middle School

Hood River Valley High School

To find out more about Bus Transportation, Bus Behavior, and Bus Disciplinary Procedures, click here.

Transportation Handbook
The transportation handbook provides clear and consistent information to the transportation department.  The handbook is developed and maintained in collaboration with OSEA representation, drivers, and the Operations Director.  For questions about the Transportation Handbook, please contact the transportation office.