• Name: Stacy Birdsall Claus
    Subject: Physical Education and Wellness
    Phone:  541-386-2114 x3939
    This is me riding my bike to track students during the Orienteering Class field trip.  Kids cover over 4 miles of terrain as they navigate an orienteering course in The Dalles.
     I practice what I preach to students; I live a healthy lifestyle and MOVE every day!   Every day I sell the joy of movement and fitness to students!  My teaching specialities are lifetime sports such as biking, weight lifting, aerobics, yoga, climbing, tennis, golf/disc golf, swimming, and windsurfing.  I love having parent volunteers so if you want to move with us, please join us!
    5 Day Challenge!  My hope and dream is that each student is physically active outside of school at least 5 days a week for a 60 minutes a day!   We know that "7 days without exercise makes one weak!"  Hopefully each student can find some joyful movement that they want to participate in, just for the health and fun of it, most days of the week.