• Wy'east Fall Eagle Fest...


    Thursday, September 20th 

    5-7 pm


    With the beginning of each new school year, Wy'east Middle School's staff is excited about creating opportunities for students and their families to become a huge part of the school's community.  Fall Eagle Fest is one of many events that invites families of students to gather as a school community and enjoy an evening of fun, food, and information!  This is a great opportunity for parents/guardians to meet teachers in a relaxed environment and for families to enjoy a free BBQ-style dinner, and fun activities for family members of all ages!
    Community agencies are also a part of Fall Eagle Fest and many are planning on attending so families can get information about a variety of supports and opportunities offered outside of school.
    We encourage all Wy'east families to join us on in the fall.  Parking will be available at the fairgrounds, south of the school.  For more information, please contact the school at (541) 354-1548.