W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs)...

    W.E.B. is our school's program that facilitates 8th grade students mentoring and providing support to 6th grade students as they transition from Elementary School to Middle School.


    In this program, students work with students to influence and create an atmosphere where all students can feel safe and supported in school. 


    With the support of advisors, teachers Tess Lee and Ashlie Keimig, specifically selected 8th grade students who are trained in mentoring skills and facilitating activities that help new students feel less isolated and alone in their new surroundings.  Incoming 6th grade students are grouped with three “WEB Leaders” and led through a “student-to-student” orientation that provides the support that all new students can benefit from to thrive in the Middle School environment.  The first day of school is set aside exclusively for incoming 6th graders and WEB leaders where activities and sessions are held to help students become familiar with the new environment and to prepare for the following day which will include attendance of ALL students.


    Nervous about different classroom changes throughout the day and having more than one teacher?  Concerned about managing a locker with a combination you need to remember?  Intimidated by the idea of taking showers during PE?  All of these issues, and any others you or your student may have, are addressed as students make this significant transition.


    If you have any questions regarding Wy’east’s W.E.B. program, please contact one of the advisors listed above at the school at (541) 354-1548.