• Wy'east Outstanding Learners of the Month...star

    Every month, Wy'east staff takes time to acknowledge students who display above-average performance in class, around school, with their peers and in the community.  These kids are the kind of individuals who are the best role models for other students and we want to share their accomplishments.  The outstanding learners for September are...
    6th Grade - Hailey Stuben
    7th Grade - Eli Happy
    8th Grade - Blake Willis and Kloee Dillingham
    The outstanding learners for October are... 
    6th Grade - Emmanuel Rodriguez and Wendy Miramontes 
    7th Grade - Marianna Santillan and Emilio Silva
    8th Grade - Anais Larios and Claudio Gandara 
    The outstanding learners for November are... 
    6th Grade - Elizabeth Chamonica and Stephen Kugler 
    7th Grade - Levi Larsen and Jennifer Iriche
    8th Grade - Samantha Glenn and Gael Martinez
    The outstanding learners for December/January are...
    6th Grade - Ximena Santillan and Edgar Lopez
    7th Grade - Megan Lavery and Joey Frazier
    8th Grade - Yulisa Castillo and Brian Telles 


Last Modified on February 17, 2017