• School Board/OSEA Negotiations

    The Hood River County School Board has opened formal negotiations with the Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA), who represents the District’s Classified Staff. Both OSEA and the District are working from a three year agreement that expires June 20, 2010.

    Members of the District Bargaining Team include:

    • Rich Polkinghorn – Vice Principal at Hood River Valley High School
    • Jim Gray – Director of Transportation
    • Liz Whitmore – School Board Member
    • Nick Hogan – Director of Finance
    • Robert Dais – Director of Human Resources

    Members of the OSEA Bargaining Team include:

    • Steve Malone – OSEA Local President
    • Peg Wooten – Instructional Assistant
    • Don Howell – Bus Driver
    • Trudy Klantchnek – Instructional Assistant
    • Kim Bonner – OSEA Field Representative

    Minutes from each bargaining session will be posted on the Districts web site for review. If at any time
    patrons have questions about the process, they should call Robert Dais – Director of Human Resources
    at (541) 387-5016.

    Hood River County School District Negotiation Goals for Classified Bargaining 2010
    The Board will continue to work toward building a strong sense of trust and respect through the negotiations process, fostering a commitment to work collaboratively with our classified staff to meet the educational needs of our children; always putting children first. The Board will negotiate a labor contract that maintains instructional programs and services to the children of Hood River County. The Board will negotiate a labor contract that addresses employee concerns and balances the employees’ realistic proposals with the public’s ability to pay on a sustainable basis. The Board will regularly communicate with its patrons and employees throughout the negotiations process; respecting the need of all parties to be informed and heard.