Mrs. Burns & Room 18
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    jh  Welcome to Room 18!  Updated 3/30/2020
    Our school is closed while we try to keep you safe from the Corona Virus. Between now and April 28th (or longer), please check this page often for assignments/lesson/information, etc.
     Families and Students: please read the assignment list below.  Teachers will be back to work learning the district's plan for distance learning and working together to plan/prep for you.  Expect more information by the end of this week. You can easily contact me with questions and the website listed below. I have never taught this way before, but this is what we need to do for awhile.  Please be safe and stay healthy. 
    :)Mrs. Burns
    Current Assignment: 
    #1. Read your "Good Fit" books daily for a combined one hour or longer.  Remember SORA is a great online library resource and if you finish a book, have your family ask your 10 questions to see if you comprehend it.  Log your minutes and pages daily in your Weekly Planner--and write down the book title when finished:)
    #2.  Math-- students brought home their math workbooks just in case...no assignments right now.  Currently we are finishing up 'converting measurement' and Geometry.  If you were in Mr. Bunting or Ms. Jacobson's class.  Please work through the unfinished Unit 3 lessons and then you can start in on Unit 4.  My math class should finish Unit 4 --Lessons 28 & 29-- (Measurement & Geometry.)by the end of this week. All students should do the "Interim Assessments" at the end of the unit. You can find great tutorial videos on Youtube and here are my favorites (just type in the lesson name from your math book and grade level):  MathAntics, mathmeeting.com, KhanAcademy.
    #3.  iReady:  Login and chart your progress. Try for 20-30 minutes daily!  I will have stickers and prizes ready for you when you return:) Or your parents can set up a reward system for you.
    #4: I would like you to continue learning about the American Revolution.  Click the 'Menu' button and select:"websites links to try" to see some safe videos and visit fun websites.  I am encouraging everyone to read a related  novel as well.  Here are some favorites:  
    Jean Fritz series (ie. And Then What Happened Paul Revere?)
    The Secret Life of William Tuck by Eric Pierpoint (grade level)
    George Washington's Socks (grade level)
    Fighting Ground  by Avi (Grade Level)
    Johnny Tremaine (above grade level
    Subject: 5th Grade
    Phone: school 386-2656 ext.4042