• Name / Nombre:  Amalia Shaner
    Grade/Grado:  Kindergarten
    Phone / Teléfono: 386-1535  ext. # 4734


    Week of April 15th:

    Good afternoon,


    Next week the kids will be working with an artist all week long.  They will be working with, Stephanie Delgado. She will be using a large portion of our reading time, from 10:00-10:40 right outside my classroom.  At this point I am not sure what kind of support she will need, so if you’re available to volunteer I am sure she will appreciate the help.     


    Our schedule next week:

    Monday ~ Music

    Tuesday ~ P.E..

    Wednesday ~ Library

    Thursday ~ Music  

    Friday ~ P.E.


    Further Information:

    Westside Wildcat ~ This week’s Westside Wildcat is Jase Palluconi!  Jase works hard to be safe, respectful and responsible. Keep it up, Jase !


    Spring Activities ~ It is that time of year that after school schedules become busy and because of that bedtimes start to get pushed back.  Please keep in mind that kids who don’t get enough sleep become a bit more grouchy and less tolerate with their friends. So just remember a well-rested child makes for a happy teacher.  :)


    Upcoming Information:

    May 17th ~ Wildcat Chase

    May 22nd ~ Field trip

    May 22nd ~ student led-conferences

    May 27th ~ No school

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Shaner

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Westside Elementary School

    (541) 386-1535