• Name / Nombre:  Amalia Shaner
    Grade/Grado:  Kindergarten
    Phone / Teléfono: 386-1535  ext. # 4734


    March 5th:

    I am really excited to see my class in person on Monday!  I feel like it’s Christmas all over again.

    Just a reminder, please make your child brings the following:

    The following items will need to be brought to school daily~

    • a backpack
    • charged iPad & charger
    • purple Westside folder
    • water bottle
    • (optional) healthy snack, please make sure it’s easy to open and doesn’t need to be refrigerated or warmed up

    The following items will be brought back to school on the first day and then left at school ~

    • Bee writing book
    • Crayon activity book
    • Rainbow math book
    • Paper stories (in a Ziplock bag or in a pocket folder)
    • School issued white board, markers, eraser
    • Pencil sharpener

    As students arrive, they will be screened.  They will also be given breakfast that will be taken to their classroom to eat.  They will be encouraged to select an item from their breakfast to save for a snack later in the morning.  If your child does NOT need a school breakfast, please try to get them to school at 7:35. We will start at 7:45 sharp.

    Seesaw ~

    This week our Essential Question was “How can you stay safe in bad weather?” Thank you for helping your child with these assignments. Just a reminder, these assignments will continue after kids return to school. 

    Next week our Essential Question is “Where do animals live?” I will be asking students to tell the habitat(s) of their favorite animals.

    Further Information:

    Wildcat Award Winner ~ Opal is our Westside Wildcat.  Opal has been a great help with technology. She’s always ready to help kids with their technology problems.  Keep it up, Opal!!

    Westside “Wow” drawing ~ Bronwyn’s name was drawn this week! She has chosen a free doughnut from Rosauers.  Great job, Bronwyn!


    Words of the week ~ have, for

    Letter of the week ~ Uu

    No School ~ The following days will be non-school days:

    March 22nd - 26th:  Spring Break

    I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!

    Amalia Shaner