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    lulu"The best part of working for Hood River County District is working alongside other passionate educators who go the extra mile to show students how much they are cared for and how much they believe in them." 

    Lourdes Rodriguez, Kindergarten teacher, Mid Valley Elementary School; Hood River Valley High School Alumni Class of 2015




    Why Hood River County School District?  

    Hood River County School District is an innovative, award-winning district in the heart of the beautiful Columba River Gorge. Click HERE to learn more about our community.

    Our diverse community supports education and educators.

    Our community recognizes the importance of quality education for all students. This is evident in the high level of participation in all our school events and the support of our educators through continual local levy approval. Our strong relationship with our community allows us to build new schools, maintain existing schools and serve each student's needs. 

    Our school district supports new employees.

    We provide strong support for both educators and support staff. Teachers starting in Hood River County School District get strong support from veteran teachers who mentor our new educators (years 1-5) through our Mentor Program.  HRCSD'S NEW EDUCATOR MENTORING PROGRAM

    Career Opportunities in Hood River County School District.


    HRCSD is committed to hiring and maintaining a diverse, highly-qualified staff, and it is committed to excellence. We hope it becomes YOUR place to learn, grow, and, most importantly, a place to call home.

    "We believe our employees are THE critical piece in fulfilling our district's mission: Excellence. Every Student. Every Day".  ~ Catherine Dalbey, HRCSD Human Resource Director 

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