• English Language Learner Program (ELL)

    The primary goal of Hood River County School District is for every student to meet or exceed Oregon State standards and be proficient in English. A secondary goal is for all students to have the opportunity to be proficient in a second language.
    Hood River County School District provides English Language Learner services designed to increase English language proficiency and to promote access to and increased academic progress toward state and district curriculum standards. The goal for every ELL student is that they will read at benchmark in English.

    English Language Learner Program Philosophy

    The following statements reflect the core beliefs and philosophy upon which the ELL program in Hood River County School District has been developed:

    • All English language learners are capable of learning to high standards when provided appropriate learning environments and materials, as well as highly qualified teachers.
    • The scope and sequence of English language development curriculum must be based on the research based stages of language acquisition.
    • Instruction tailored to each student’s proficiency level and adapted to individual learning needs and styles increases progress for all students.
    • Competency in native language enhances English language acquisition.
    • In the ELL program, students engage in language learning, increase respect for cultural differences and increase self-esteem.
    • Aligned curriculum facilitates effective instruction aimed at high learning standards.
    • Learning is enhanced when parents become active partners in the education of English language learners.
    • Education of every student leads to a socially responsible, respectful and vibrant community.
    • Community support is vital to the success of English language learners.
    • Hiring qualified bilingual and bicultural employees enriches the district’s instructional programs.
    • On going training in second language acquisition and cultural awareness is essential for all staff members who implement instruction.