• HRCSD Facilities

    Hood River County School District maintains a number of educational spaces for the intended purpose of providing safe and healthy student-learning environments that foster our mission and achieve our overall district goal.  As one component of our commitment to partner with our community, the District is devoted to fostering and supporting community-use in our facilities and on our grounds.

    Our schools are fortunate to have strong, ongoing community support.  In return, our community has entrusted us to provide a first-rate experience for its youth.  The approval of operational levies and capital bonds, as well as the amazing number of volunteers in our classrooms, fields and playgrounds, provide ample evidence of the unique connection between the schools and all the people of Hood River County.

    Funding for public education in the State of Oregon is its 3rd contiguous decade of decline.  All school districts across the state, including ours, must constantly adjust their programs to live within their means. With year-after-year increases in operating and utility costs, as well as increases in facility and field usage, the District must control costs and focus its resources squarely on student-centered programming.  These factors require a more structured and assertive facility & field use plan in order to maintain the current level of use of District fields and facilities.  This will include, amongst other changes, a consistent collection of fees to cover maintenance, custodial, utility, and support staff.  There must be no exceptions in paying for facility and field use.

    The Hood River County School District will continue to support wide-ranging community-use on its properties and is committed to building a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective facility use system.  With a renewed focus we can effectively manage and sustain this important community service.

    Thank you for your ongoing support of Hood River County School District.  Only together will we achieve our goal that every student graduates with the knowledge and courage to learn, serve, and pursue their dreams.