• Alternative Education

    Alternative education program options have been established and approved by the Board to meet the individual needs of students. These programs will be made available to students who are unable to succeed in the regular programs because of erratic attendance or behavioral problems; when necessary to meet a student's educational needs and interests; or when a public or private alternative program is not otherwise readily available or accessible. Such programs consist of instruction or instruction combined with counseling and may be public or private. Private programs must be registered with the Oregon Department of Education. Home schooling shall not be used as an alternative education program placement.

    The district will not provide alternative education programs for students expelled for violation of applicable state or federal weapons law.

    In-District Alternative Education Programs may include:

    1. Evening classes
    2. Tutorial instruction
    3. Independent study
    4. Instructional activities provided by other accredited institutions
    5. Others as approved by the district

    Parents may request additional in-district alternative education programs by submitting written requests to the principal.

    Non-district Alternative Education Programs

    1. Other school (s) / program (s)
    2. Community college
    3. Others as approved by the district

    The district may pay a portion of the cost of the alternative education program cost. The student's placement must have the prior approval of the district.

    The district will not assume alternative education costs for any student not placed in an alternative program according to procedures established by the district and Oregon law.

    If a parent receives an exemption on a semi-annual basis to withdraw a student age 16 or 17 from school for full time college attendance, full time employment, or a full time combination of college and employment,the district has no obligation to pay for an alternative education program.

    If a student is not successful in the alternative education program or the alternative education programs are not accepted by the student and/or parent, there is no obligation to propose or fund a second program.

    Individual notification to students and parents regarding the availability of alternative education programs will be given semi-annually or when new programs become available under the following situations, as appropriate:

    1. When two or more severe disciplinary problems occur within a three-year period (Severe disciplinary problems will be defined in the Student Code of Conduct).
    2. When attendance is so erratic the student is not benefiting from the educational program. Erratic attendance is defined in ORS 339.065 as eight one-half days of unexcused absences in any four week period.
    3. When an expulsion is being considered.*
    4. When a student is expelled.*
    5. When a student's parent or emancipated student applies for exemption from attendance on a semi-annual basis for full time college enrollment, full time employment, or a full time combination of college and employment.

    * The district will not provide alternative education programs for students expelled for violations of applicable state or federal weapons laws.

    Individual notification shall be hand-delivered or sent by certified mail. Parents shall receive individual notification prior to an actual expulsion.

    Notification shall include:

    1. The student's action.
    2. A list of alternative education programs for the student.
    3. The program recommendation based upon the student's learning styles and needs.
    4. Procedures for enrolling the student in the recommended program.

    Please contact Hood River Valley High School at 541-386-4500 for more information on Alternative Education options for 9-12 graders.