• Title I Programs 

    The Hood River County School District operates three elementary schools (Cascade Locks, Mid Valley and Parkdale) and one middle school (Wy’east)  as Title I funded schools. These schools operate "school-wide" programs where all students are eligible to receive additional instructional support. As Title I schools, each receives additional money provided by the federal government to assist in raising the achievement level of students living in poverty.

    Schools with significant levels of poverty based on the percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may be designated as a school wide Title I program. The program is implemented in qualifying schools to provide an enriched and accelerated learning environment for students.

    Title I funds may be used to hire special teachers and/or paraprofessionals/ training and support of teachers and staff while introducing new forms of curriculum and instruction. In addition, Title I funds must pay for the Parent Involvement Program, including the training of parents and support of their activities. 

    The school district is required to annually review whether their Title I programs are effective. Schools need to show that their programs are working and the schools are making adequate progress sufficient to enable all Title I students to meet the challenging Common Core Standards.

    The school district, principal, teachers, and parents all must be involved in developing and implementing the Title I programs. The state also has a role in helping schools and school districts implement their plans.

    Parents must be involved in designing and developing the Title I programs. Each school must have a Parent Involvement Policy, jointly developed with and approved by parents, which outlines how parents will be involved in all aspects of the planning, improvement and review of Title I programs. Additionally, each school must have a school-parent compact, agreed to by parents, which outlines how schools and parents will share responsibility for ensuring that students meet the state standards. Parents of students at Title I schools also have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers.

    Those having additional questions or concerns should contact the Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Bill Newton, at 541-387-5015 or at bill.newton@hoodriver.k12.or.us.