• Bus Transportation

    County-wide school transportation services is provided students to and from school and for school-sponsored field trips that are extensions of classroom learning experiences.  School bus routes and stops are established by the School District and focus on efficiencies and safety.

    School transportation services may be provided for other school-sponsored activities.  Funds for these services shall be budgeted annually; however, they will be subjected to review by the Budget Committee.

    Transportation is a related service required for any student with a disability who must have home-school transportation in order to access educational or recreational services.

    Transportation will be provided on regular district student transportation routes and vehicles, unless the nature of the student's disability requires specialized services and equipment.  Determination of the need for special transportation services will be made by the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) Team, including the Director of Special Education.

    Students attending private or parochial school under the compulsory school attendance laws may be provided riding privileges along existing bus routes established by the school district.

    Private and parochial school students must comply with and abide by the code of conduct established by the school district and the State Department of Education for riding Hood River County School District buses.  Guidelines for student conduct will be developed and posted in each vehicle.