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    Our Story

    Once upon a time, in the shadow of an ancient mountain, there was a small schoolhouse. Nestled among pear, apple, and cherry orchards, the school was a place of growth, abundance, and generosity. Surrounded more widely by forests of douglas fir, cedar, and mountain hemlock, the school was like a tree: evergreen and branching to shelter the children given to its care.

    Children flowed to the school fresh and curious. They came from near and far; through nations and generations they came, with readiness to learn.

    The children streamed in and out of the schoolhouse, bubbling down its halls, swirling through classrooms and rushing the schoolyard with their voices and laughter. They gave life to the schoolhouse like a river gives life to a tree at its bank.

    In this way the current of children progressed across years and upon decades, owing thanks to the school's working-staff, who were wonderful and full of wonder: teachers daily met children with a measure of life and heart equal to that which the children had poured into the school; helpers, guides, and custodians of every nature brought wisdom and caring to steer the course the children ran. It was a course that inspired each child to the shores of further learning, and to greater opportunity.

    In this way the future was changed, and shaped like a dream.

    This continued for a long, benevolent time. The children grew strong, loving, and high-minded. And it was decided that they should be called mountaineers, so that wherever they went, they would remember the place that brought them up.


    This is a true story.

    And here, in the foothills of Mt. Hood, in the schoolhouse that is Parkdale Elementary, great things are happening ...


    Nuestra historia

    Érase una vez, a la sombra de una montaña antigua, había una pequeña escuela. Enclavada entre huertos de peras, manzanos y cerezos, la escuela era un lugar de crecimiento, abundancia y generosidad. Rodeado más extensamente por bosques de abetos douglas, cedro y cicuta de montaña, la escuela era como un árbol: de hoja perenne y ramificada para albergar a los niños a los que se había cuidado.

    Los niños fluían a la escuela frescos, buscando, curiosos. Vinieron de cerca y de lejos, de aquí para allá; a través de las naciones y generaciones vinieron, maduros con buena disposición para aprender.

    Los niños entraban y salían de la escuela, borboteando por sus pasillos, girando a través de las aulas y corriendo por el patio de la escuela con sus voces y risas. Le dieron vida a la escuela como un río da vida a un árbol en su orilla.

    De esta manera, la corriente de niños progresó a través de los años y décadas, gracias al personal de trabajo de la escuela, que fueron maravillosos y llenos de asombro: los maestros diariamente encontraban a los niños con una medida de vida y corazón igual a la que los niños habían vertido en la escuela; ayudantes, guías y custodios de todas las naturalezas aportaron sabiduría y cuidado para dirigir el curso que los niños corrían. Fue un curso que inspiró a cada niño a la orilla del aprendizaje posterior y a una mayor oportunidad.

    De esta manera, el futuro cambió y se formó como un sueño.

    Esto continuó durante un tiempo largo y benevolente. Los niños crecieron fuertes, cariñosos y elevados de espíritu. Y se decidió que debían llamarse montañeros, para que, dondequiera que fueran, recordaran el lugar donde los crió.


    Esta es una historia real.

    Y aquí, en los bancos del Distrito Escolar de Hood River, en la escuela que es Parkdale Elementary, grandes cosas están sucediendo ...
    Gus Hedberg, Principal
    Positive School Climate: We promote Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Kindness throughout our school. We frequently acknowledge students for demonstrating these positive characteristics.
    Artists in School: Thanks to the PTO, every student works with professional artists. In addition, our teachers and staff believe art is an essential part of our regular education program. Please take a tour through our hallways to see our students' fresh, creative art.
    Facts and Figures
    Enrollment: 200 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.
    Dedicated Staff: Our entire staff works together to deliver a robust, well-rounded education. We have a passion for teaching and learning.
    Unique and Historic Facility:  Originally built in 1927 as a small high school, the building has expanded to 16 classrooms, a full gym and cafeteria. A state of the art media center and library opened in September 2010. 
    Solid Academic Program: Our teachers work with students and parents to set individual growth goals for all students. Our goal is to support and challenge each student to be the best that they can be. 
    Principal - director: Gus Hedberg
    Parkdale Elementary School
    Mail:    PO Box 69, 4880 Van Nuys Drive, Parkdale, OR 97041 
    Phone: 541-352-6255
    School Start Time:  7:40 AM Tuesdays-Fridays  8:40 AM Mondays
    School Dismissal Time:  2:10 pm
    Office Hours:  7:00 am - 3:30 pm