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HRCSD Honors 50 Years of School Board Volunteers for School Board Appreciation Month

Governor Kate Brown has proclaimed January as school board appreciation month. Superintendent Dan Goldman took the opportunity to recognize years of volunteer service from past and present board members. The individual and collective efforts of these community leaders helped create the conditions for student success.

School board members from past and present stand for a picture
School board members past and present are recognized for School Board Appreciation Month. Front row left to right: Bev Annala, Julia Garcia Ramirez, Brandi Sheppard, Chuck Haynie, Liz Whitmore, Anne Saxby, Chrissy Reitz, Corinda Hankins Elliott. Back row left to right: James Sims, Rich Truax, David Russo, Steve Gates, Mike Oates, Randy Holmstrom, Kateri Osborne Lohr, Benjamin Sheppard, Dan Goldman, Tom Scully 

These board members put in late nights and long hours to advocate for students, help pass bonds and levies critical to funding high quality programs, and nurture important community partnerships. Without them, we wouldn’t have so many recent successes to celebrate, like being named as one of the top 10 school systems in the state.

During the recognition, current Board Chair Chrissy Reitz chimed in to show appreciation to former school board members too: "Our school district functions so well because of the path you laid."

Current school board members portraits
Current school board members from left: Benjamin Sheppard, Corinda Hankins Elliott, Rich Truax, Julia Garcia-Ramirez, Tom Scully, Chrissy Reitz, Brandi Sheppard.


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