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Our Message on Student Protests and Safety

We have been made aware that students across the country are being urged to participate in a student walkout today in protest of inaction on efforts to address climate change. While we generally support our students’ collective voice and passion for issues that matter to them, there are specific state laws and school board policies that govern public employee behavior while on-the-job in regards to promoting, participating in, or organizing political activities.

An important aspect of an excellent formal education is helping our children learn how to appropriately express their views, to advocate, to persist, and to make meaning of multiple perspectives - especially around difficult topics. We generally support our students’ actions to peacefully gather during school hours to express their views.

Regarding consequences for students, any time a student misses all or most of a class, they are marked absent so that we have an accurate record of student attendance to report to parents and the Oregon Department of Education. Additionally, we do have the responsibility to address and appropriately consequence students that are creating an unsafe environment for themselves and others - a conduct violation. Leaving campus will be a conduct violation. Please talk with your child about your expectations for their behavior while at school. We will address school-wide expectations as well.

Student and staff safety really is our top priority. Thank you for your continued support.