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Communications Specialist Kelsey Cardwell Resigns. HRCSD to Rehire.

Kelsey Cardwell, the district’s communications specialist, has resigned to join the communications team at Northwest Regional Educational Service District (ESD). The district is committed to providing consistent and transparent communications and will hire a ‘Communications and Community Engagement Specialist’ to replace her position.

Kelsey provided contracted communication services to Hood River County School District, improving district-wide communication through multiple channels, including media relations, email, phone, website, and text alerts.  HRCSD social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has increased exponentially with her expertise. Ms. Cardwell helped establish and spread the hashtag #Proud2bHRCSD, connecting families and communities to updates about student accomplishments.  HRCSD social media posts are viewed by thousands, enhancing opportunity for staff, students, parents, and the community to learn about and interact with the school district. 

Ms. Cardwell will continue to make a positive impact for Oregon students in joining the Northwest Regional ESD team.  She has also offered to support the District through this transition as she will remain a Hood River resident. The District is certainly proud of her contributions, commitment to equity, and her work to improve the overall communications systems.