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CDC recommends mask wearing in Hood River County

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assessed Hood River County’s level of COVID-19 transmission to be in the “high-risk” category on June 16. The CDC recommends individuals:

Although not required at Hood River County School District (HRCSD), the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) now recommend individuals wear masks when in public indoor places, including in any indoor school setting where people may gather. 

In consultation with the Hood River County Health Department (HRCHD),  HRCSD recommends all students and staff to wear a mask while indoors at school. In addition, individuals are encouraged to get fully vaccinated and receive a booster shot when eligible to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Hood River County School District asks that everyone on school campuses continue to show respect and understanding toward one another – regardless of the personal decision to wear, or not wear, a mask.