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New math instructional materials adopted

The selection committee began work in October 2022 to find instructional materials that align to equitable math teaching practices, which include:

  • Meaningful math discourse

  • Connecting math representations

  • Providing rigorous yet accessible content for all students

  • Building fluency from conceptual understanding

The committee made its recommendation after closely reviewing the materials, meeting with publishers, and gathering student and community feedback.

The committee’s charge was to provide every student with access to a high-quality curriculum that supports collaborative opportunities to implement culturally responsive instructional practices and evidenced-based best practices in the field.

We are excited to announce that the school board adopted the following curriculum: Board Meeting Slides

Elementary School: iReady: Curriculum Associates

“i-Ready Mathematics is an online custom math curriculum that provides students of all ages with differentiated instruction and supports them on their individual paths to success. Backed by cutting-edge research on the best mathematics learning practices, students gain experience through concrete examples and engaging lessons. This personalized math curriculum features responsive instruction that provides consistent insight into student understanding and performance, enabling teachers to monitor their students’ progress and help them prepare for standards-based assessments and beyond.”

Middle School: Core Curriculum: Mid School Math 

Over the past decade, MidSchoolMath has looked to the leading research in the field to find pedagogical methods which would lead to the very highest learning effects. MidSchoolMath was created specifically for Middle School students with the support of Math experts across the field of mathematics and education.

Core Curriculum by MidSchoolMath combines the approaches with the highest learning effects into a single math product. The result in the classroom was an unexpected Effect Size of 1.24, among the very highest in educational research on a gold standard National Science Foundation trial. The study was then replicated with similar results, outperforming the nation’s leading publishers in both achievement and engagement.

Hood River Valley High School

HRVHS will continue with Big Ideas next school year while reviewing and piloting other curricula that are available to us. 

Thank you to all who supported the Math Curriculum Adoption Process.

A huge thank you to the educators, administrators, board members, students and community members who engaged in the selection process through feedback, support, and engagement.  We are excited to bring these exemplary materials to our school district. 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Sarah Hayden, Curriculum and Instruction:  541-387-5711.