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Summer reading guide from district librarian

This summer's reading guide will help your child use books, the outdoors, and technology to enhance their reading, inquiry, and storytelling.

Reading tips from a reader:  

  1. A.B.B.  Always Be Browsing

  2. When critical consensus and your personal proclivities align, act.

  3. Books make the best souvenirs

  4. Very short books are a great way to leaven your reading routine and let you take risks you might not otherwise take. Trust staff picks. And change your reading goal as needed. It is summer after all. Give yourself time to relax.



SORA:  Is the name of our Digital library,  with access to thousands of ebook and audio books titles. Students currently have an App on their Ipad for school, download it to your home device for free, and unlock thousands of titles and link your public library account for even more access.  Check our recomended summer reading lists on SORA for your kids to read. Audiobooks for the road trip, yes please! 


HR PUBLIC LIBRARY is hosting events and reading challenges all summer long,  check their schedule out.  They offer free books, ebooks, audiobooks, streaming videos, dvds, video games, library of things, free cold water and air conditioning.  All in the convenience of your home, bookmobile or the library itself.  White Salmon, Parkdale and Cascasde locks  also have an excellent library f.y.i.


HR Parks and Recreation Summer Programs  have camps from June 26th- August 18th,  with financial assistance available,  this is a great way to keep your child active and engaged with great outdoor activities and hands on learning opportunities, from waterplay, adventures, performing arts and sports. Dive into the pool with free swimming.  


Gorge Current will keep you updated to a plethora of events and activities happening everyday in the gorge,  stay active with this great calender guide to music, art and events and make community happen.


Gorge Fruit Loop U-Pick Explore the beautiful and bountiful harvest of the labors of our neighboors and friends Farms,  Go U-Pick some fruit to eat, can and or freeze, nothing is better than a bowl full of delicious blue berries and bags waiting for you in the freezer. This guide has dates and locations of when the fruit is ready to Pick.


Portland Art Museum:  Open Wednesday through Sunday,  children under 18 are always free . a great place to do some exploring and letting Art talk to you and guide your creative paths this summer. Let your kids guide you through the museum and see where their wonders take you.


Some Great Books and more For you to Check out for your Family:

Kidding around the Gorge, Ruth Berkowitz  .  A guide to all things outdoors and good for kids and families  in the gorge, with driving directions , when to go and details. K5-Adult

Boxitects by Kim Smith,  a book where your future architect dreams and creates using the ultimate building material, which is free and abundant,  CardBoard  K-4

Roots Shoots Bucket and Boots:   A Gardening Guide for kids and families from flower boxes, to butterfly gardens, a great easy to use gardening book for you and your family. Fool Proof Garden goodness.  Here are some more suggestions.  K-Adult


Wreck this Journal:  a journal with guides and prompts to keep your mind activity with a place to write and draw your thoughts and dreams and expolorations.  Journaling is a great way to increase mental health, creativity and help keep you activite in a way that will produce a self reflective learner for years to come.  Pick up a copy for your kids, and maybe one for yourself to do together.


5 minute Crafts  A youtube Channel for crafts, magic, adventure and hacks. You can get lost watching these videos , but it surely will excite your creativity to make more things and how others do too.  Try one or many this summer.


Remember: Summer should be a time to refresh, embark on new adventures, kindle relationship, sleep in, take time to care for yourself, go wild, stay up late or wake up early. Find ways to spark imagination, open mindedness, calm, and care to your child and childrens friends this summer,  they might not remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


Elementary summer reading challenge Form,  if you kids didnt bring one home, check the list off as you go and bring it back to school in September for prizes.