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TITAN Family Portal has been upgraded to LINQ Connect

The school meal payments portal, TITAN Family Portal, has been upgraded to LINQ Connect. There is no need for staff and families to change their usernames and passwords. All information will be transferred to the new app. Here are some upgrades of the school meal payments portal:

•A simple, fresh look to allow for better accessibility

•An interactive dashboard to view all family members in one profile

•A resource center to access help guides

•Streamlined menus help you see more with fewer clicks


Visit the app store and find “LINQ Connect '' available in the Google Play Store now and the Apple store available soon to download the new app and experience these new features. Log in with your existing username and password. If you use a browser, visit to log in. If you do not use the online school meal payments portal, LINQ Connect allows you to set up one time or recurring payments for meals. You can also view previous transactions, set spending limits, transfer funds between students, set low-balance notifications and more. It is an easy way to manage school meal payments without the hassle of sending cash.


If you have any questions, please send an email to Jordan Haas, director of nutrition services, at