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Budget committee member applications open until November 30

Hood River County School District is looking for committed citizens to join its budget committee. The committee of appointed community members and school board members are tasked with reviewing and approving the school district’s budget. Vacancies are in the following regional areas:

  • Zone 2 - 3-year term through June 2026 (Central Lower Valley)
  • Zone 3 - 3-year term through June 2026 (May Street Elementary School Area)
  • Zone 4 – 3-year term through June 2026 (Odell)

A map of the school district zone boundaries is available online at:

The budget committee, made up of seven citizens and seven school board directors, meets in May to review the proposed budget, take public comment, and approve a budget to be reviewed by the school board. Once approved, it is set for final adoption by the school board.

Applications are available online at the district website at:

The deadline for applications is 5pm, November 30, 2023.