Finals for first semester

Finals schedule:

Monday, January 28: Regular Late start Monday schedule.

Tuesday, January 29: One hour late start schedule. Busses will run on their regular daily schedule. Allows for study time and contact time with teachers. 

Wednesday, January 30: A-day Finals. Regular bell schedule. We will be in academic lock down, which means no students can be in the hallways during class time, unless escorted by a staff member. Late students will be escorted to class.

Thursday, January 31: B-day Finals. Regular bell schedule. We will be in academic lock down. 

Friday, February 1: This is a no school day, unless we need to make up a day for a snow day (no school day prior to February 1). If we need to use this as a snow make up day and have school, Finals will shift one day. Which means Wednesday, January 30 will be a regular A-day schedule and Thursday, January 31 will be B-day Finals and Friday, February 1st will be A-day finals. 

Monday, February 4: No school day. Teacher work day for grades.

Tuesday, February 5: Regular A-day schedule and first day of second semester. This will be an A-day whether we attend school on February 1st or not.

NOTE: Please do not schedule doctor and other appointments during finals on January 30-31. It is very disruptive to the testing process. We appreciate your consideration of this request.