Draft Bond Projects Schedule

Draft Bond Projects Schedule

The schedule for our Hood River School District 2016 Bond Projects is quickly taking shape. While the Project Schedule is still a working document, it is important to share this information with interested community and staff members to allow for maximum involvement throughout the next weeks, months and years of design and construction. A top priority for our School Board and School District Administration is to create the conditions for you to be meaningfully engaged in projects that affect your community school. Click here to review the 2016 Bond Project Schedule updated 10-31-17.

In short order, we will be engaging School-Community Work Groups at May Street Elementary and Wy’east Middle School to begin collecting input for new construction projects. Please take a look at the dates on the October - December Schedule for May St, Wy'east, and Hood River Middle and reach out to your principal if you would like to participate on a School-Community Work Group.

Organizational Structure for Bond Project Decisions

An HRCSD 2016 Bond Org Chart has been established to ensure communication and decision-making channels are clear and logical.

  • Your elected School Board is the ultimate decision-making body, receiving information and input through the Finance Advisory Committee, the Superintendent, and the Bond Project Core Team.
  • The Finance Advisory Committee is made up of three board members, three community members (assigned by the Board), district and school administrators, and teacher and classified staff representatives. The School Board has assigned the Finance Advisory Committee bond oversight duties. This group’s primary role is to monitor the allocation of bond funds to ensure that projects occur as originally promised to voters.
  • Our Bond Project Core Team is responsible for day-to-day, operational decisions and consists of members from the school district administration, Opsis Architecture, and the Wenaha Group Project Management. General Contractors will join this team depending on their involvement with the various projects.
  • School Core Teams will provide leadership at the individual school level and be charged with assisting the Project Management Team in decision-making, communicating with the school community, and fostering the involvement of school staff and community members.
  • School-Community Work Groups will provide input on the hopes and needs for their school. This input will be used to develop school and site designs to meet the specific needs of the school community. It is anticipated that direct meetings with our many stakeholder and user groups will occur at schools with new construction projects to assist in visioning the best possible solutions for the proposed projects. In some cases, these groups could include parents, community members and others from outside the school district. Simply put, we have many wise people involved with the District and it would be unwise not to take the time to leverage this knowledge! 

Please continue to visit this 2016 Construction Bond Page for news and information about capital construction and renovation projects including upcoming dates for the School-Community Work Groups.